About Us

Preparing for the Future

For every business to grow in future, it needs to set right the present, prepare for future and integrate these two aspects. With an uncanny ability to unleash the business potential and drive growth, Proto mind will partner with you to bring clear thinking to complexities of future and deliver rigorous winning solutions to excel in present and as well help you integrate these two. Our outstanding creativity, futuristic thinking and strong business acumen will deliver superior clients from ZaranTech Company



Our strategy and management consultants help leaders of organizations to make impressive, long lasting, and substantial improvements to their organization’s performance with an organization shaping impact. We invite you to discover a new age in consulting services with us.



As the world’s leading executive consulting firm, we assist association build value by revealing insights that generate novel futures and doing the hard work to advance performance. To distribute this type of value needs an extensive variety of abilities and potentials, aligned to the distinctive requirements of precise sectors, businesses and organizations.



Customized solutions based on a normal or a portal platform. Our applications enable organizations to integrate all customer activities with their business processes and systems. Our solutions are vendor and platform independent, scalable and flexible.